South Georgia String Project

Musician Enrichment Grants of up to $1,000 allow individual students to apply for support to aid their creative endeavors over the course of the year. Primarily, it is the intent of this grant to cover some expenses associated with auditions, performance at significant summer music festivals or other special projects current students have that can enhance their craft and musicianship.

The South Georgia String Project provides exploratory string classes for young students through the age of high school. Many students continue their string instrument studies beyond the String Project, and some have performed with the VSO.

Youth Concert Series are special performances of the orchestra programmed for school children and their teachers. Over 50,000 children have heard the VSO through this series of concerts.

Tunes for Tots introduces the instruments of the orchestra to younger children.

VSO Concerto Competition provides outstanding university performers at VSU with audition/competition experience and the opportunity to perform as soloists at a VSO Youth Concert.

High School Honors Program provides tickets for selected high school students with the recommendation of their band director.

Family Concerts provides children of the community the opportunity to see and hear the symphony orchestra experience with their family. The program also provides exposure to the symphonic music to college students university-wide.

Music Major Rush Ticket Program provides university music majors with rush tickets for subscription concerts. The program is designed to support students' studies in music literature.

VSO Graduate Performance Assistantships supported by the VSO Board of Directors, provides for advanced studies in strings and orchestra for a highly selected graduate student, in part through endowment resources. The graduate student also serves a key staff position in the orchestra.