Girl Holding A Violin

1. Questions/Conflict Resolution A student's private lesson or group class teacher is the first person to whom any program questions or problems should addressed. The Director, a University faculty member, should be asked only when your first contact has not been able to offer assistance or resolve the matter. Only if the matter is confidential or financial should the Director be directly asked first.

2. Attendance Students must be present at all scheduled lessons and orchestra rehearsals

3. Absences If it is necessary for a student to miss a class or lesson, the parent should telephone or email the teacher before the scheduled time. If a teacher cancels a private lesson, he/she is required to notify the parent in advance and to make up the lesson at a mutually convenient time. Teachers are not required to make up private lessons that student misses or cancels. If a teacher should miss a private lesson without having informed the student, the director should be notified immediately.

4. Valid Excuses The only valid excuses for absences are:
1) illness 2) a death in the immediate family or 3) a school conflict. There is a limit of two unexcused absences per semester.

5. Promptness Students are expected to be prompt at all scheduled lessons and rehearsals. Students should be in place and ready to play at the class start time.

6. Orchestra Students are typically in Explorers A Strings for one semester and Explorers B Strings for two semesters. Students then move to Intermezzo Strings for at least one full year or more. Typically, at the third year and beyond, students must audition for Chamber Strings. The VSYO is also an audition-based ensemble and is for advanced students with 4 years or more of playing/private lesson experience.

7. Performance Attendance is required at all performances. Community concerts are available for students who take private lessons and wish to perform solos or chamber music.

8. Enrollment Students in the String Project must participate in their own school orchestra where one exists.

9. Students are expected to: Maintain themselves in orderly fashion in lessons, hallways, and classrooms Bring the proper equipment with them for each class (i.e., instrument, pencil, book, folding music stand, and music) Show the proper respect for the property of the University and their fellow students.

10. Practicing Students in the first year beginning classes are expected to practice 15 minutes every day Students in the more advanced levels are expected to practice at least 30 minutes per day.

11. Problems All problems will be taken up immediately with the parents of the child involved.